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Our Company

Sylix Pro Technologies established in the year 2010, Sylix pro Technologies is committed to deliver best-in-class quality assurance in software testing and IT consulting solutions to our clients. Sylix pro is well known for its development in the field of Testing Desktop applications, Mobile Applications and Web applications. Manually we provide different strategies in Testing according to the project and client we work for. Also we provide a timely support to the clients in providing automation scripts before Regression.


Our mission is to exceed the expectations of our customers by delivering defect-free products, services and solutions on time and within budget. We shall also encourage and grow our employee talent and leadership skills by providing a nurtured environment.


We glower propulsive to our eternity.
Our ability is to grow, innovate and deliver magnificent services, combined with our talents and, highly successful business ethics, which position us to perform well in a scopic range of mercantile scenarios.
Copyrights @ Sylix Pro Technologies