Quality Assurance

The demand on Quality Assurance and Testing has grown significantly for enterprises of today. Fluid and dynamic market trends and the rapidly changing technology landscape with the emergence of disruptive technologies such as cloud, mobility and social media have resulted in new scenarios warranting quality assurance. On one hand, there exists the need for testing of desktop and web applications and products. On the other hand, mobile enabling, social enabling and cloud enabling of existing applications and products has increased dramatically. Any migration or localization activity has only further increased the need.

Sylixpro Software Quality Assurance Offerings :

  • End to End Application and Product Testing
  • Performance Testing of migrated applications and products
  • Testing of mobile enabled applications and products
  • Testing of cloud enabled applications and products

We at Sylixpro use time tested testing tools, create test plans, create customized test scripts in order to automate the testing process and adhere to the Software Testing Life Cycle process to enable Quality assurance of the highest order for your applications and products.

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The organization has been harnessing the potential of internet and emerging technologies to service our global customers, helping them enhance the quality of their offerings and being competitive at the same time.

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